Become Body Positive

Welcome to the passionate empowerment of women.  A sacred space for women from where we can re-learn feeling. As we have grown through all the layers of emancipation some of us have become locked down by worker-bee lives, over emasculation, switching of polarities and switching gender roles – making little time for letting go and feeling. Many of us are so controlled we don’t even create playtime for ourselves! Finding that happy place requires that women remain women! Sexual fulfillment is part and parcel of achieving a sense of completion.

With between 40 and 50 percent of women being sexually dysfunctional caused by anxiety, depression, stress, impeded blood flow, inadequate lubrication, tons of different medications and changes in hormones. Most of us are moody bitches to be honest!  Sex is not just for pro-creation. Our bodies are built for pleasure! It is a means of communication, a reflection of our relationships and a sign and a measure of intimacy. Good sex can calm or elate you, and it can enhance your self-esteem. My aim is to awaken lovers to deeper, more meaningful sex and for those of us not afraid to take a little walk on the wild side – exploring ways to learn how to find sexual fulfillment. Passionate empowerment is a happy place of awakening becoming inspired and rejuvenated.

Part two of this dialogue contains an on-going open conversation around sexuality, hormones and healing. Every time a copy of my DVD Yoni Love (the art of yoni massage) or Yoni Ice (healing sexual trauma) is sold, funds are raised to assist in healing post sexual trauma. I have partnered with various strategic alliance partners, tantric healers, sexological body workers, counsellors and healers to facilitate, support and care for long-term sexual abuse, molestation, rape and violation survivors. Sexologists work with the mind, sexological body workers are trained to work with the body.

As a survivor of hectic sexual violence I survived dissociative identity disorder – a common hallmark of sexual trauma. I refused to be afraid as I reintegrated myself from complex fragmentation. I challenge all women to fight to get their bodies back after sexual violation. For survivors: you are not alone! I am on your side. And so are millions of other women who have recovered. Let’s face our rapists and refuse to be victims.

In my DVD on sexual healing Yoni Ice, I address some of the issues I dealt with during my recovery. No, this is not some intellectual textbook on sexual healing – these are the pointers I used every single day as I found my way back into my own body and mind. The DVD on Yoni Love contains an ancient genital massage technique (the art of Yoni massage) I discovered, which taught me what feeling means. I had the awesome opportunity to only focus on receiving yoni massage(no penetrative sex) with pow-wow results – I managed to get back all feeling! – as a multiple rape survivor I struggled to feel, felt numbed out and anorgasmic and was extremely sexually repressed, not allowing any touch. This was a process of deep healing for me in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Working and learning from the hundreds of women I have worked with in the past few years it became evident only about 10 percent of us have regular orgasms and only about 3 percent of us actually ejaculate. The art of Yoni massage can heal you if performed correctly and unlock unbelievable pleasure states! Don’t give up on feeling – breathe and train your lover! Finding healing is the bravest thing you can do!

I am done with hiding behind a conservative mind set which doesn’t support people working through their sexual problems. Therapeutic massage and bodywork is the only way through the hell of sexual pain. Therapy is awesome and sexual problems are real. Let’s work at saving our marriages from the baggage of sexual dysfunction and heal! No more excuses.

This website has a selection of hands-on sexual healers and sexual wellness practitioners. Some are tantric, and some are regular people who want to make a difference and help! Having worked with thousands of people, I have personally selected them for specific reasons. Bookings for these healers are done by email to my site and you are welcome to make requests in writing to me.

A percentage of all fees paid are contributed to the Women Geared for Growth Sexual Healing Fund with which we will be setting up special needs sexual healing environments and tantric explorations for people wanting to grow. By becoming a member of Women Geared for Growth you not only get awesome benefits but also get to contribute to this sacred healing opportunity.

South Africa has a rape culture, let’s claim our healing and take back our pleasure!


Sexual Healing

Traditional methods to sexual recovery carry a variety of methodical processes, one of which should be sexological bodywork and massage. In this way the bridge between an intellectual process of self-connection through psychotherapy also now includes touch training, sensory awakening, ayurvedic hot oil treatments and a technique we call body wrapping. Body wrapping seals back the energy field after sexual trauma. Sexual healing involves much more than having sex, as one has to exorcise your demons and slowly find a way back to self.

Deep in the hymen of love lies the restless seeking for solace. Amidst blood spattered bedding and cushions full of tears lie millions of untouched women. Unfelt and unknown, these lives mark the end of all feeling and an escape into a prolonged numbness that will not go away.

We are dedicated in supporting the 11.7 million women who find themselves in sexual servitude, and millions of sex slaves on this planet, as well as millions of sexually repressed women.


“When sex doesn’t work for you the root cause is difficulty in feeling emotions or how to express them.”

Living in denial has its virtues. Part of yourself is on guard, like a watchdog, who’s always alert for anything that might open up the feelings that you’re trying to repress. This makes it difficult or impossible to relax into the pleasures of sex. That doesn’t mean that one doesn’t have sex, but rather than dropping into the experience and enjoying the moment, one gets busy thinking about what’s happening or wondering if one’s partner can tell that something is going on or worrying about what one’s partner thinks about you.

It’s difficult for partners to point it out without triggering more defensiveness. Another way this plays out in one’s sex life is when one uses alcohol or drugs to turn off the difficult feelings. It’s not that there is necessarily a problem with a drink or two, but when you can’t have sex when you’re sober because of what you might feel, that’s the time to look at your situation and consider whether a different solution might serve you better.

Hiding thoughts from your partner can end in denying yourself intimacy and avoiding sex. Bottling up feelings is common for women who have to hide their truth in order to just be.


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