Ah the chaotic nature of my life is serving me well, having grown from performing tantric massage to a new retreat focussed enterprise based two hours from Johannesburg. This delightful venue is super natural and yoni work under the full moon a sacred ritual of worshipping the goddess.


I am wanting to draw many couples into the bliss of Tantric awakening this SEXPO. Dedicated to the art of yoni work, the beautiful dvd YONI LOVE I created, will bring light into the dark dreary bedroom drapes of boredom. Spending a lifetime together requires a somewhat chaotic expression of sexual freedom by learning to sit still and focus on your partner, forgetting about you and becoming completely focussed on creating an experience that will unlock her unbelievable bliss body, emanating from the soft sensual spots in and around her yoni.

Uncovering the threshold of one’s body is radical. It’s weird. It’s confusing. It’s different. It takes time. It takes honesty. It’s more than a sweet, wet mills and boon love story. It’s your own love story. And you are the only one who can write it.

Some of us freeze, some of us faint, some of us runaway, some of us don’t stop. Some of us go everywhere – some of us go nowhere. It’s all an inner journey.

I created YONI LOVE, a dvd for lovers, to awaken women and to teach them the power of YoniFire and PussyPower. In all the times women have experienced their bodies, they have also experienced their power. Becoming a woman from girl to adult is to be able to wield power in this world. not to be a slave, not to be borne into sexual servitude, but to stand internally united, mind- body -spirit and to own ones yoni, to feel one’s power and to manifest pleasure.

The purpose of this dvd is to bring meaning to the LOVE act. The treasure of pleasure was created to enlighten the world and to bring men and women into the knowledge of true intimacy.

Funds raised through this project will bring awareness to sexual humanities for women, hopefully establish a sacred space for women to find their Yoni Tattva (love juices), their free walk, their sacred primal core. It’s a bit on the wild side but not to be feared. There is no jabbing or thrusting, just soft Yoni Love to help feel. These techniques may only be performed by true lovers of sacred sexuality, and by lovers who deeply respect a women’s right to pleasure. This product carries the Women Geared for Growth logo for women across the world to support, endorse and love and is the reason for a self-sustainable fund to teach women the power of self-love and self-care. (Let’s bury the white horse. This is the white horse)

The women’s mandate of pleasure has never been more clear – don’t settle for anything that doesn’t entirely flip your lid.

Hot loving and hot bodies start with delicate meanders through open valleys and sacred spaces. Come join me for a retreat And OSHO’s LOVENEST and create deep bonding with your lover.

Also included is the TAKE BACK YOUR PLEASURE 25 steps to sexual recovery for survivors of sexual trauma, body bullying and body trashing. Please pass it on to someone you know, and help heal our rape culture. I know it’s heavy but as far as I know the only recorded program available to survivors of sexual trauma, so accommodate it and who knows, with more than 50 percent of women sexually dysfunctional your lover may just need it. Also on sale will be some delicious personalised yoni and lingam casts, and breast massage available to raise funds for my sexual healing cause.


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