The Heal Body and Soul Project

Sexual Healing is for everybody. In our society such dualistic reasoning and social conditioning exists. Our society is a mess due to our lack of sexual education and shame based conditioning which doesn’t allow for openness.  Where do we learn about sex? Who tells us what we know and how do we experience our bodies. Is it done under the covers with the lights off, or in a deeply relaxing atmosphere of connection.

Why are we so afraid to open up around sexual concerns? Like it’s the taboo of the century to experience orgasmic dissonance with our partners! Due to this restrictive and repressed conditioning we are unaware of our sex potential and end up lazy in bed, unfulfilled and bored resulting in bad relationships that inevitably end in divorce. Not only do we have the highest rape stats we also have an extremely high divorce rate. To understand our bodies and our sexual potential is to live fulfilled lives and find happiness. Thousands of women are on Prozac and antidepressants which lead to an even lower libido and a lack of serotonin induced frustration. We never make time for us.  We are overworked and underplayed.

Deep in the hymen of love lies the restless seeking for solace. Amidst blood spattered bedding and cushions full of tears lie millions of untouched women. Unfelt and unknown these lives mark the end of all feeling and an escape into a prolonged numbness that will not go away.  Presently South Africa is the sexual violence capital of the world and sports a rape culture.


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