Healbodyandsoul and LOVE @ SEXPO

The interesting, interested eyes staring at me through dark brimmed glasses, a gorgeous face and smile and the cutest of intentions, made me realise there are individuals out there with a vast capacity to love. Speaking to more than 500 couples at SEXPO, holding hands and loving their partners, I felt a deep glimmer of happiness that they made it there. Relationships are so difficult, with 40 to 50 percent of women sexually dysfunctional, and sexually uninformed men getting down to the same old every day, that finding a partner that really wants to be your hero/heroine is a bit of luck? Everyone going to SEXPO wants to be loved and wants to love back.

This lighthouse experience is a thrill, with images of nudity and nakedness being ok, for once. We undress so often but never in public, and we wear our clothes some of the time without undergarments, but respect for bodies was quite endearing as everyone remained intact and interested when I performed a lingam massage for the world to see(with my heal body and soul clothes on), my model focussing on his breathing.

It was quite fascinating going through the motions of this delicately performed ritual and really educating people. The men stared at me with somewhat of amazement that I could actually be so open about something so basic. The girls nodded their heads. Explaining the connection to heart seemed to be a new thought to people as I shared that a man’s feelings is the heart of the matter when it comes to scrotum massage. Tibetan monks massage their scrotum an hour every day whilst meditating and it is one of the treatments I prescribe to create a sense of deeper bonding with your man. That men have feelings at all when it comes to experiencing great sex was really quite a surprising thought to many.

Do sex and feelings actually go together? Which brought me to the conclusion that a deep awareness beyond porn, is my next point of departure as I strive to create THE NAKED RETREAT, having signed up a number of wowed individuals to explore exactly what this would mean. A weekend of deep sensual self-awareness is starting to rear it’s delightful head! And jumped out at me spontaneously as people stopped to stare at my poster of naked bodies standing in an open sea.

THE NAKED RETREAT – an open dialogue emerging on feeling our bodies without shame, guilt or fear and feeling comfortable in a natural space. (more about THE NAKED RETREAT later).

People were amazed at the thought of tantric awareness and desperate to learn more. My beautiful real hand-cast yoni and lingam was touched by many, as people opened up around sexual concerns, frozen heartaches and sensual time constraints.

I am glad I went to SEXPO. Finding my spot between sexological bodywork, tantric awareness, and a need to open up the dialogue around normal sexuality and openness, I remain a missionary at heart wanting to teach love in all its forms right down to Advanced Sex Positions. Having practiced in leotards with my two models(who both ran away) an awesome assortment of the most interesting poses made me realise how bored we all are. Making your love affair last also includes getting around to finding the ultimate position of pleasure(more on that later).

SEXPO was great, a shopping spree and some really good quality entertainment. Finding the right colour shoes to fit my new colourful stockings (in bed or out), and a hairpiece to wear (also in bed or out), I now can evolve toward The Naked Retreat and try and mature toward a more sexually integrated selfhood, taking some SEXPO seekers with me.

Just a special word of thanks to Deo Madeo for being so humble and helping me with my stand, such an egoless creature is amazing to find!


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