Anel Moonspace

Anel created Heal Body and Soul for ways to solve all issues facing women – an activist, spiritual healer, artist, survivor, a women’s rebel, tantric massage therapist and sexual healer with a strong flair for business creating solutions for women.

My non-conformist life story is a little like a smorgasbord of the most delicately imagined unscrupulous acts to find meaning amidst being torn from all conventional ethics by a number of violent sexual acts designed to strip me from my power. My dispassionate meanderings through a variety of powerless states, most of which was a result of naivety, spurred me further in creating a road map toward the passionate empowerment for women.

In the wake of my own awesome awakening and healing I had to resolve so many internal issues. This metaphysical process of unearthing myself gave way to this lovely website! Women are at the epicenter of a cosmic expansion. We are the carriers of the most sacred love juices in the world. May we relearn to embrace our feelings, feel our desire and support Women Geared for Growth in creating sexual guidance to women that actually works. Having worked with hundreds of women I know only one thing: women are not passionately empowered amidst a society that is hyper-sexualised with images of sex created to sell consumables.

May we choose peace and love our bodies. Please take a look at the site, climb out of the confines of your mind and allow for some new explorations that are engineered to create deep connection and just may show you and your partner the way back to fulfillment and happiness.