Sacred Tantra Massage

Tibetan Bowl Tantra Massage activates and transforms dormant and dense energies by recalibrating tones of harmony on a cellular level. The sound vibrations resonate deeper than any manual massage can as vibrational frequencies relaxes one into a hypnotic state bringing a deep soul connection. Clearing the aura and aligning the chakras opens up the energy flow taking one into a tantric trance of orgasmic harmony. Pleasure is key as your spirit is set free!  Our two/three-hour ritual includes sound meditation, breath work, sensory awakening, whole body and chakra energy alignment, expansion of sexual energy, and tantra massage. Join Anel Moonspace and Edzard Meyburg in a life transforming tantric adventure, singles or couples  – also available as a skyclad forest encounter


  • Understanding the Mechanics of orgasms, ejaculation, and sexual energy. Relax, awareness, measure, pace, energy circulation, and ride the wave. Learning flow and movement. Kundalini awakening.
    • Duration: 2 hours
  • Solo Prep/Orgasmic Coaching gives you individual exercises that prepare you for greater sexual stamina. Orgasmic Control and focussed Yoni/Lingham work.
    • Duration: 2 hours
  • Solo Mastery teaches individual mastery techniques that can stop you from going past the point of no return. Orgasmic control sensory work and touch session.
    • Duration: 2 hours
  • Partner Prep gives you dual preparation exercises you can do with a partner to develop the skills for longer lovemaking. Whole body integration, sensory awakening, perineum and scrotum, breath work and some exercises.
    • Duration: 2 hours
  • Lovemaking teaches sexual exercises you do with a partner to develop greater lovemaking stamina and orgasmic potential. Sensuality coaching and sensual massage. Learn yoni and lingam work.
    • Duration: 3 hours
  • The Art of Pleasuring a Woman sensual massage techniques, breast massage, and outer yoni work, g-spot awakening, erogenous zones, vaginal massage, cervical orgasm and female ejaculation.
    • Duration: 5 hours (Or 2 x 3-hour sessions)
  • Sexual Mastery/Premature Ejaculation Integrative bodywork/ intensive sensory management/ lingam work.
    • Duration: 2 hours
  • Sexual Trauma and Counselling Session


  • Quiet pleasure states listen to your pleasure /body and learn focus by projection of sexual energy: 1 session
  • Learn to let go and control at the same time(the yoni/ lingham intensive)
  • Just focus on letting go with no control whatsoever and learn how to derive enjoyment from this. Focus on joy.
  • Polarity work, integration and absorb/work on perceiving frequency in the body (everything vibrates)
  • Practise and control sexual desire by focussing on channeling sexual energy
  • Learn how to injaculate and breathe with aspects of energetic resilience
  • Focus on prolonging orgasmic states combined with polarity and frequencies

Soul Massage

A whole body rebirthing utilising tantric touch and very slow gentle deep soul massage.

4 Hand 2 Tantric Therapists Sessions

Sacred Body Retreats for Couples

Having grown from performing tantric massage to a new retreat focussed enterprise based two hours from Johannesburg. This delightful venue is super natural and yoni work under the full moon a sacred ritual of worshipping the goddess.