Yoni Love & Yoni Ice DVDs


This is linked to a woman’s mandate of pleasure.

The purpose of this DVD is to teach women the power of Yoni Love and Yoni Ice. In all the times women have experienced their bodies, they have also experienced their power. Becoming a woman, from a girl to an adult, is to be able to wield power in this world. Not to be a slave, not to be borne into sexual servitude, but to stand internally united – mind, body and spirit and to own one’s yoni, to feel one’s power and to manifest pleasure. The purpose of this treasure of Yoni Love is to bring meaning to the LOVE act. This treasure of pleasure is created to enlighten the world and to bring men and women into the knowledge of true intimacy.


This is a sexual healing DVD.

Funds raised through this project will bring awareness to the humanitarian icon for women, establish a sacred space for women to find their Yoni Tattva (love juices), their free walk and their sacred primal core. It’s a bit on the wild side but not to be feared. There is no jabbing or thrusting, just soft Yoni Love to help feel. This technique may only be performed by true lovers of sacred sexuality, and by lovers who deeply respect a woman’s right to pleasure. Branded by a humanitarian icon for women across the world to support, endorse and love and the reason for a self-sustainable fund is to teach women the power of self-love and self-care.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

  • By engaging with me we have one goal: to share a pathway to sensory selfhood.
  • The art of yoni massage is engineered to release biochemicals oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine lifting you into a natural high, relieving you from a state of separation. It isn’t awkward, but is strangely safe and comforting and feeds your spirit, waking up the power of creation within your body and using the tool of sensory exchange to do it.
  • Allowing you the freedom to explore an inexhaustible variety of feeling states without the constraints of having to define relationships, or having to be a mother or having to be a wife or even having to be romantic and offer candlelit dinners.
  • It gives you time to go inside and to find the pulse in your own body first and to remember wholeness. And from there to become the girl he looks at in the way all girls want to be looked at.
  • Yoni massage is not a one-night stand. There is absolutely no pressure on you to perform, to be gorgeous, to behave, or to be decent. After all, your body is an enchanted object, moving within a self awakening.
  • You can just drop into you and feel you. And feel bliss. Looking over your body as god created it. This makes all the difference in the world.
  • The powerful energies of sensory awakening reinforces oneness and completion. The biochemicals of bliss, moving you away from ego and a sense of separation to a state of endless pulsation.